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Bundy Ranch: Americans uniting because of turtles?

Leslie Brown

No matter the state borders, no matter the group; Americans will unite for a great cause. In the case of rancher Cliven Bundy, that cause is freedom from tyranny.

Militias from Utah are already in Nevada with more on the way from Texas, Florida, even far away New Hampshire whose license plate reads, “Live Free or Die”.

Now is the time, Nevada may be the place.

The Bundy Ranch has been in existence since the 1880’s.  Cliven Bundy has taken a stand; he will pay taxes (grazing fees) to the state and county but not to the federal government. He sighted “hundreds” of federal vehicles on his property and has been threatened at gunpoint for rounding up his own cattle.

What stands between the Bundy’s and their grazing rights?  The desert tortoise. The desert tortoise is the new “spotted owl”; an endangered species that apparently takes precedent over cattle, a family and a ranch that is generations old. Yes, a nation that literally exterminates our unborn, sends in armed federal agents to protect turtles, (yes turtles!), and then seize a family’s cattle.

Will Cliven Bundy be one of the players in of a new wave of American patriots? The states are joining together and ignoring the borders that separate them.

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