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Black mega-church preacher backs a Republican?

Leslie Brown

Is the strangle-hold on the black vote about to loosen? Apparently so, and it’s about time!

Chicago preacher James Meeks, long-time Democrat who happens to be black has broken ranks with Democrats, siding with Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner.  

Salem Baptist Church in Chicago’s South side is “mega-church”;  home to 15,000 members.  No longer content for his voting bloc to be taken for granted, and dissatisfied with a party that has not delivered up to its promises in decades, Meeks hopes to promote discussion of the issues relevant to the community and state.

Meeks is highly thought of in the community and is prepared to defend his stand his ground to rail against the status quo.  Meeks is a former state senator and is no stranger to the world of politics. Meeks has proved his mettle and earned the respect of the community where he hopes to have candidate Rauner who is running against incumbent Pat Quinn to speak to other predominately black congregations.

Meeks emphasized that he is “pro-Rauner” versus “anti-Obama” and will provide Rauner a venue to speak. Issues of concern to Meeks are poverty, violence and the lack of jobs both in Chicago and the state of Illinois.

It’s nice to see a noted black pastor buying into an America where results matter!

  “Man looks at the outside, but God looks at your heart!” James Meeks

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