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Teacher on leave for protecting himself from hooligan

Leslie Brown

Wrestle an incorrigible student, after the student hits you, and wackademia deals out punishment…to the TEACHER!

That’s exactly what a California high school science instructor who is also a wrestling coach, wrestled an 18-year old student to the ground after the student struck the teacher who had confronted the student, who allegedly was dealing drugs in the classroom.

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave, while local police conduct an investigation; the student has been suspended.

Former San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Jim Hammer believes the teacher used the minimal amount of force necessary to take control of the situation and said that our firefighters, police and teachers are our “heroes”. The teacher is reported by students to be a “father figure” to many at the school.

There was a time when students were disciplined at school, and likely faced likely faced more grave consequences at home by parents who reinforced the discipline of the school and worked with and not against teachers.

Teachers are said to be ” in locus parenti” or “in place of the parent”.  Should not their goal then be protecting all students by protecting themselves?

Allowing drug dealing is not teaching capitalism. Last time I checked it was considered a crime!

See the video here: utterly-alarming-fight-between-teacher-student-caught-on-video-at-santa-monica-high

For more about the story, go here:

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