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Africa Mercy Ship

H. Upchurch

60 minutes recently covered a story about Africa Mercy Ship. This is a must see!

From The Mercy Ships website (

The newest addition to the Mercy Ship’s fleet, the Africa Mercy  is the world’s largest charity hospital ship.

Built specifically for the Mercy Ships mission, the floating hospital includes five state-of-the-art operating rooms, as well as intensive care and ward bed space for up to 82 patients. Crafted in Denmark in 1980, the 499-foot, 16,572 GRT has a berth capacity for 484 individuals. In its fabled history, volunteers from over 30 nations have served onboard.

Acquired in 1999, the Dronning Ingrid  underwent conversion from a Danish rail ferry into the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship. Sponsored by corporate and individual donors, the purpose-built Africa Mercy, with six operating theatres and a 78-bed ward, effectively doubles the annual medical capacity of her predecessors.



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