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Corpse flower emits smell of death next door to Capital

H. Upchurch

By Associated Press, Published: July 21

Titan arum, a giant rainforest plant that has been dubbed the “corpse flower” for its terrible smell, finally started blooming Sunday afternoon at the U.S. Botanic Garden next to the Capitol. Experts had been anticipating its bloom for more than a week and extended the garden’s hours for visitors each night.


Garden officials expect “peak smell” to occur early Monday morning, and the flower to remain open for an estimated 24 to 48 hours. Then it will begin to collapse on itself.

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The irony of this story has not been lost. An Illinois man started a petition on to make this flower the ‘new state flower of Washington D.C.’
Editor’s note:
We realize that D.C. is not a state. We realize that Rhododendron macrophyllum is the official flower of Washington state. We realize that this is still a funny story.

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