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This is America

H. Upchurch

America has often been described as a melting pot. We are made up of people from all around the world – with different customs and, yes, skin color. We have come together to form one nation. It is a beautifully diverse nation but we are all still Americans.

This week, a photographer named Joseph Crachiola found and posted a photo he took in 1973 in Michigan. An interview with NPR explained:

In late July 1973, [Crachiola] was wandering the streets of Mount Clemens, Mich., a suburb of Detroit, with his camera. As a staff photographer for the Macomb Daily, he was expected to keep an eye out for good feature images — “those little slices of life that can stand on their own.”


The slice of life he caught that day was a picture of five young friends in a rain-washed alley in downtown Mount Clemens. And what distinguishes it are its subjects: three black children, two white ones, giggling in each others’ arms.

“It was just one of those evenings,” Crachiola remembers. “I saw these kids — they were just playing around. And I started shooting some pictures of them. At some point, they saw me and they all turned and looked at me and struck that pose that you see in the picture. It was totally spontaneous. I had nothing to do with the way they arranged themselves.”


What a wonderful way to end what has been a very trying week for our nation. Thank you, Mr. Crachiola, for reminding us that we can come together in friendship regardless of our heritage.


Read Full Article at NPR

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