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A Family Lesson from the Animals

J. DuVal

See, people, this is how it’s done. This new “mom” has taken in a litter of puppies. She is not a puppy, however, she is a Capybara. According to the article, a Capybara is like a really big Guinea Pig. She now has a new family, made of puppies that someone abandoned.

So, the moral of the story is, this animal took on raising children that look nothing like her. They don’t live the same kind of life, come from the same culture or even shop at the same mall. Ok, animals don’t shop at malls…but you see where we’re going here.

Bottom line…this family is unhyphenated. She didn’t care that the babies looked different. She didn’t see breed…or color. How about we take a cue from the animals?

Check the story and slide show here:

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