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It’s Almost St. Baldrick’s Day!

J. DuVal

So, have you ever celebrated St. Baldricks Day? So far this year, there’s over $13,000,000.00 raised for childhood cancer research. St. Baldricks is an organization that gathers money in exchange for shaving heads. The way it’s described on their website is: “Shavees” sign up on the website, collect money from friends and family much like a walk-a-thon, and show up at a volunteer-organized event in their community to take their turn in the barber’s chair. It’s fun, it’s emotional, and it’s for a crucially important cause.

While there are pledges all over, right now there is one group in the lead. Hundreds of men, women and children in Missouri earned almost $500,000.00 just a few days ago. As an added bonus, any of the shavings long enough also went to Locks of Love.

How great is that?!

Read their story here:

Learn more about St. Baldricks Day here:


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