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What Comes Around Goes Around….GOOD!

J. DuVal

About a week ago, Sarah Darling gave homeless man Billy Ray Harris some change. What she didn’t realize, however, is that in that change was her engagement ring, as well. When she did finally figure out that she had given him that, a day later, she went to find him.

Not only did she find him, but he still had her diamond and platinum ring, and returned it to her immediately, citing honesty as his reason for having and returning the ring.

Now, a week later, Sarah’s husband and are collecting donations for Billy as a reward. So far, he’s gotten over 16 thousand in donations. His page, and the ability to donate are open until March 15, 2013.

This is a real “feel good” story. It shows how good people do still exist. You can take part in this, too! If you’d like to donate, Billy’s direct donation page is: , where as little as $5.00 can be given.

To read his story and see how this simple human gesture has now granted Billy a new start at life, click here:



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