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Another Reason to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

J. DuVal

Did you know that Valentines Day is also Generosity Day? You may have missed it…we did, too.

Acumen Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping poverty by investing in enterprises and people, started Generosity Day in 2011. Since that time, the movement has grown.

According to their website, the idea is: “For Generosity Day, all acts of generosity, small and big alike, count. Think what it would be like to say YES to everything genuine request for help all day long!”

We don’t see any way that could be bad. Coming together in a world that wats so badly to separate us, is productive, important and good. Whether you agree with the group offering this day, or other people’s method of generosity, take a few moments to look into this project. You may agree to take part each Valentines Day, or every day! You may feel your own take on this movement is better. Either way, start thinking about how more coming together and less separation is real progress.

To view this movement and its full explination, visit their site:

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