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African-American Student Stars Pro Israel Group. Ending Hate; Becoming Unhyphenated

J. DuVal

What a refreshing idea. One group fighting for another group. Maybe that’s because they know there should be NO groups, but just people.

Chloe’ Simone Valdary, a sophomore at The University of New Orleans has started a Pro Israel group. Her goal is to bring awareness to anti-Semitic behavior, and try to bring an end to hatred. While she focuses primarily on Jews, the hatred truly exists to all groups of people. Her goal is to help stop that.

Isn’t this what being unhyphenated is all about? Knowing that we are all one people, and that not one group should be disliked simply for their skin or location?

We commend Chloe for her work. Please take a moment to read her story here…it’s a good one!


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