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One Selfless Donation Inspires Others

K. Jackson

After watching his brother do the same, Rhode Island URI football player John Greenhalgh then also donated bone marrow. These donations go to strangers. People we don’t know, or judge, get the help they need.

John then inspired someone else. While in the waiting room, a stranger sparked up a conversation with him.


“It was pretty amazing,” Greenhalgh said. “This man was curious about the fact I had two sets of bandages, and after I told him what I had just done, he turned to one of the nurses and asked if he could register himself. She took the swab of his cheek and signed him up right there. It felt pretty awesome to see someone else want to do something just because I had done it.”

One good deed inspires others. So…get to it!


You can find the full story here:

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