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Samuel L. Jackson admits to voting for race rather than politics

samuel l jackson - racist voter
K. Jackson

samuel l jackson - racist voter

Article Source: The Daily Caller

By Alexandra Myers

I voted for Barack because he was black,” actor Samuel L. Jackson told Ebony Magazine.

The Daily Mail reported that he said that the reason why people vote for other people is because they look like them. “That’s American politics, pure and simple,” Jackson said. “[Obama’s] message didn’t mean shit to me.”

Jackson was asked about President Barack Obama’s chance of re-election and his response was a slew of racial profanties.

The gist of his rant was that the American people wouldn’t have elected someone who was black because “a n**ggah is scary and Obama ain’t scary at all.”

Jackson told Ebony that he hopes Obama gets scary in the next four years because he won’t have a problem getting re-elected, though in an interview with Newsweek he said he had mixed feeling about the president’s performance.

In that interview, he said, “Some days I agree with Dr. [Cornel] West and what he says about the president not dealing enough with the plight of the poor. Then I think about how they won’t give him credit for anything.”

In Obama’s campaign in 2008, The Daily Mail wrote, Jackson was one of the celebrities that backed him, missing the Academy Awards ceremony to campaign for him.

UA Commentary by Kevin Jackson:
Samuel L. Jackson says, “I’m articulate with no Negro dialect.” According to Samuel L. Jackson, people vote for whom they look like. I guess Samuel L. Jackson can only vote for ugly bald black guys who play the same character in Hollywood movie after movie? Can black people only vote for other black people. Does a black person not voting for another black person qualify for “If you see something, say something?”
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