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Houston’s body being flown to New Jersey for funeral this week, source says

K. Jackson

Article Source: CNN

Los Angeles (CNN) — What killed Whitney Houston is still an official mystery despite widespread media speculation, but a Los Angeles County coroner official downplayed the suspicion that drugs played a major role Monday.


Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said that “not many prescription bottles” were found in the singer’s Beverly Hilton hotel room after her death. The amount of medications recovered by investigators was less than usually present in deaths attributed to overdoses, Winter said.

“I know there are reports that she maybe was drowned or did she overdose, but we won’t make a final determination until all the tests are in,” he said. Winter ruled out foul play and said there were no injuries to her body.

There were more questions than answers Monday about Houston’s sudden death, as authorities were offering few details. The singer’s soaring voice and impressive talent had taken a back seat in recent years to her struggles with drug addiction.

Whitney Houston: A mother, a daughter, a friend

With the autopsy completed Sunday, Houston’s body was released to her family Monday, Winter said.

Los Angeles police deployed around the Van Nuys, California, airport Monday afternoon to provide traffic control support for the expected arrival of Houston’s body for a flight, and Winter later said it was his understanding that the body was in a jet that had departed from the Van Nuys airport. A source close to Houston said Monday that her body will be flown to her native New Jersey, and a funeral service will be held there Friday or Saturday.

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UA Commentary by Kevin Jackson:
Whitney Houston – The Aftermath. The death of the music icon is a lesson in what happens when a person with Godlike talent succumbs to the dark side. But as Whitney Houston’s family, friends and fans grieve, the government is plotting on how to make money on her demise. Whitney will pay a fortune…in death.


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