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Univision Wages Political War On Latino Conservatives

K. Jackson


Bias: A giant TV network has effectively admitted to blackmailing Florida’s GOP Sen. Marco Rubio over his immigration stance. It’s Exhibit A of the kind of sludge being hurled at Latino leaders who won’t toe the open-borders line.

Bigfoot Spanish-language television network Univision unwittingly revealed it’s got a mafia-style hit-equivalent out there waiting for any conservative leader of Hispanic descent who won’t tout their open-borders line on immigration.

So much for reporting the news. Univision’s top honchos behind this are all about politics — and are running their news organization like a cult mafia leader wielding power based on groupthink and fear.

Last October, the Miami Herald broke news that Univision executive Isaac Lee threatened to make public a story about the arrest of Rubio’s brother-in-law 24 years ago — that is, unless, in an offer he couldn’t refuse, Rubio agreed to go on Univision’s Jorge Ramos show, presumably to be savaged by the TV host, known as a loud advocate of open borders.

Univision denied the Herald story, though the paper had multiple witnesses — but then spilled the beans to the New Yorker, admitting to writer Ken Auletta that it had indeed offered the popular Florida senator “three Univision options” to soften or spike their nasty “investigation” if Rubio did the Ramos show.

Univision figured it could demolish Rubio politically with the offer, which is why it pulled out all stops and violated all standards of journalistic ethics.

But things didn’t go as planned: Rubio refused to be blackmailed and told them no.

Univision then ran the scurrilous piece attempting to link Rubio to drugs, which was so baseless even the mainstream media wouldn’t pick it up.

The Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo reported a whole string of disgraceful pressure tactics Univision pulled to put the heat on Rubio. Those ranged from adding the words #rubio and #drugs to advertise their show on their Twitter feed and create a false link, to sending a huge TV truck to the doorstep of Rubio’s sister, to attract embarrassing attention.

Caputo reported that the Univision shakedown also included trying to get Florida Gov. Rick Scott to call for Rubio’s resignation. Caputo said the ploy appalled Univision’s reputable journalists, who called him up to describe the egregious violation of ethics.

What does this say about Univision and its line?

That there’s a creepy network determined to stamp out any dissent in the Hispanic community and force all leaders to toe a party line — or else face media ruin.

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