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Tag: truth

USMC Massacre in Chattanooga: Obama Shun’s Our Finest

July 26, 2015 |

If you had any doubts whatsoever about Barack Obama’s allegiance to our U.S.Troops, and therefore this country, his lack of response to 5 servicemen being attacked here at home, should nail it all down for you.

Hours after the massacre in … Read More

The Left: White People Must Be Punished

July 18, 2015 |

A precursor to racial unity is inclusion, but hyphenated-Americans insist on obsessing over differences, histories, retribution, and retaliation, defying racial cohesion.

Barack Obama, Liberal Democrats, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, the NAACP, the New Black Panthers, the … Read More

Why TRUTH Matters

April 11, 2015 |

Call me a nerd, but I looove the metric system. It provides a “benchmark”, or a standard, by which things are measured….so does the Bible.

You see, long before the metric system was created the “foot” was based on the … Read More

Sicka’ liars YET? ~Shapiro

March 14, 2015 |

Just imagine if weights and measurements were all done away with. Is that a liter, an ounce, or a milliliter? Aww, who cares, it’s all the same right?

No. We need STANDARDS…especially if you’re “fixin’” undergo anesthesia.

TRUTH used to … Read More

Truth can only be hidden….for so long.

February 27, 2015 |

It didn’t take an “Einstein” to know that Lois Lerner’s email could be retrieved. Sheesh, anyone who has watched an episode of Forensics Files coulda told you that!

Judicial Watch, armed with the Freedom of Information Act found the “missing … Read More

“Walking back” TRUTH

February 20, 2015 |

Man, oh man. Nothing makes me madder than when someone says something that is TRUE, then they “walk it back” or soften the original statement.

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani this week said, “I do not believe, and I … Read More

Same lies, different liar

February 14, 2015 |

Leopards don’t change their spots. The evidence that Hillary was a liar was there all along. Have we just reached “critical mass” with liars, of late?

It’s called “stolen valor” when one minimizes the accomplishments of true heroes by pathetically … Read More

Truth has no nationality.

January 14, 2015 |

Since we are “Unhyphenated America”, obviously we try to focus on American stories, but this story transcends an ocean, and any man-made borders, because it is truth.

Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom dares say what many will not. The … Read More

Socialism: So good it’s MANDATORY!

December 6, 2014 |

In a world of lies, cover-up, and obfuscation, we need to look maybe not to our leaders, but at our leaders.

When Matthew Drudge, pioneer of the “New Media” broke the story on “horn-dog” Clinton, we were given a look … Read More

That pesky TRUTH thingie…..

November 28, 2014 |

Why those racist, meanypants, hater, “Tea Partiers” are back at it! How dare they go HELP in Ferguson! How DARE they destroy the liberal narrative! As we know, libs aren’t too bright and they’ll have to come up with a … Read More

SIN problem, not a SKIN problem~Benjamin Watson

November 28, 2014 |

I don’t “mince” words. Unless you’re border-line retarded, you should know that distraction is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Yeah, yeah, yeah, demonize the opponent, blame it on the “the MAN”. Well, Benjamin Ferguson is smarter than … Read More