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Tag: obamacare

“Divider-in-Chief” is caricatured administering bitter medicine to Republicans who fought against Obamacare.

I’m a Law Breaker

January 29, 2015 |

They say, confession is good for the soul. So there, I said it. I’m a law-breaker. I have not signed up for Obamacare. Why, is beside the point, because I wouldn’t even if I could. Sometimes, you just have to … Read More

Rant: What did we THINK was Gonna Happen?

January 14, 2015 |

Economic figures are out, and it ain’t looking good. Of course WTH did we think was gonna happen?

If one is a small business owner and is FORCED to pay for insurance for their employees, and is limited in company … Read More

Gruber the “Goober”

November 14, 2014 |

Oh yes, I could think of far more “choice” words to call Jonathan Gruber than a “goober”, but 1) my parents visit the site 2) we try to keep it clean 3)”goober” is a Southern girl staple.

We try to … Read More

Thank you Jonas Salk!

October 28, 2014 | 2

Talk about being a giving person! Jonas Salk is a noble American hero who gave up the equivalent of eight billion dollars for his discovery of the polio vaccine.

Imagine, a disease that ravages the neuromuscular systems of children. A … Read More

What the “Hoo-Haw”?!

August 25, 2014 |

This post should fall in the “I can’t make this stuff up” files! Seriously? I have no insurance, nor can AFFORD any insurance, and now Obamacare covers sex-change operations?!

Geez, following that same LACK of logic, shouldn’t they cover hair … Read More

Truth Shouldn’t Have to be “Wormed” Out of…..

April 28, 2014 |

Recently, some Democratic lawmakers were asked a legitimate question; the question simply about something the President himself had expressed as truth, several times in fact; then, the “squirming” began.

What was this “awkward” question? The question was about what had happened to the $2,500 … Read More

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