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Tag: hackers Hackers, the key is under the mat!!

September 24, 2014 |

I wish I could take the credit for the awesome title of this article, but Chris Harris “bequeathed” it to me, he he! Is anyone else besides me dumbfounded at how the U.S. would want a healthcare system run by the same folks who run our V.A. health care system, aaaand target folks through the I.R.S.? What could go wrong?

What if you’re a conservative gun-toting patriot*, who loves your country and signed up for “Obamacare”. What if you then come down with a screaming case of hemorrhoids and need surgery?

Through the N.S.A., the government already knows you’re “the enemy” so you’re probably gonna die from the government LITERALLY being a pain in the *ss! Not to mention, apparently the internet security for “” is only slightly more sophisticated than say, “pig-Latin.”

A report released by a Health and Human Services inspector found that more work needs to be done to bolster security on the site Government watchdogs were otherwise happy, however, with the improvements to security that have been made to the site since its launch The report follows a real hack that occurred on the site this summer.

The hackers from the inspector general’s office found one ‘critical’ vulnerability, described as a flaw that would let an attacker take over the system and execute commands, or download and modify information. But the office said that when its ‘white-hat’ experts attempted to mimic what a malicious hacker might try next, they were blocked by the system’s defenses.
Separately, the review also found two critical vulnerabilities in databases that support the website. Specific descriptions of the flaws were not released, but apparently none has been exploited by hackers. serves 36 states, while the remaining states run their own enrollment websites. The federal site had numerous technical problems when it was launched last fall and for weeks it was unworkable for most consumers.(1)

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