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Tag: Free Markets

How much is an Apple worth?

February 13, 2015 |

The great economist, “THAT DUDE, THE TEACHER”, Milton Friedman once said, “So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear. That there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can … Read More

Does someone else’s wealth make you poor?

June 27, 2014 |

GoPro is the maker of wearable sports cameras, loved by mountain climbers, divers, surfers and other extreme sports fans. They sell just one camera design, under the Hero brand, which retails for between $199.99 and $399.99, and their corporate slogan … Read More

Free People. Free Markets.

July 8, 2013 |

Freedom is the absence of coercion. In the United States, this means that you are free to do anything that you choose to do as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.

Threats to our freedom … Read More

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