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Tag: Christianity

“Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils”

June 28, 2016 |

The lesser of two evils argument always seems to sprout up during election cycles. The premise of this idea, however, is rarely discussed. Situational ethics involves the idea that what we believe to be right or wrong depends upon the … Read More

Nekkid Truth

January 25, 2015 |

Character matters; skin color, not so much. This is nothing radical, it is exactly what Martin Luther King Jr. taught. Character is based on adherence to Judeo-Christian law; even when no one is watching. Lack of character, you sort of … Read More

“America is no longer a Christian nation”~Barack Obama

October 22, 2014 | 9

The signs were all there; we chose not to see. The words were all there; we chose not to listen. The opportunity was there; we chose not to speak.

Have we lost all opportunity to reclaim our great nation? I … Read More

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