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Joseph Rivers Fundraiser: Let’s Help This Young Man!


Shove Big Government down the throats of the Left and help this young man.

It just doesn’t get any better than this for Conservatives to showcase who we are! We can help this young man AND push back this gangster government.

A 22-year old black man, Joseph Rivers left his hometown of Romulus, Michigan, boarded a train, and headed for Los Angeles, California, where he hoped to become a music-video producer. Joseph had been saving money for years to make the trip and that his mother had scraped together some additional cash to help him get his start.


In total Joseph carried $16,000.



At the Amtrak station in Albuquerque, New Mexico, men boarded the train and seized Joseph’s money, leaving him penniless and without means to go on to L.A. or return home.

They were federal employees. DEA.

Using the Civil Forfeitures Act, the DEA confiscated Rivers’ money. He was left penniless, his dream potentially dead.


“These officers took everything that I had worked so hard to save and even money that was given to me by family that believed in me,” Rivers said in his email. “I told (the DEA agents) I had no money and no means to survive in Los Angeles if they took my money. They informed me that it was my responsibility to figure out how I was going to do that.”

I had dinner with Senator Rand Paul who said he is introducing legislation to stop this. I plan to work closely with him on this. But in the interim, here is what I’d like my supporters to do.

(1) We want to help raise funds for Joseph to help him out.
(2) I want to work with friends in LA to help Joseph get his career started.


Your donation of $5, 10, $20, $50 will help us raise $20,000 in this effort.



I know times are tough. But this is an opportunity to showcase real Conservatism, and help a young man in need. AND we get to rub Big Government in the face of the Leftists.

I have spoken with Joseph’s attorney, and he’s excited to get the support. I have also spoken to Fox News, and I feel confident I can get coverage of this project. .

It’s time the Left see that unlike them, Conservatives are about truly addressing injustices and helping our fellow man.

Kevin Jackson
Chief Marketing Officer for the Conservative Movement