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Category: Videos

Toileting, Made EASY!

August 1, 2014 |

Have we come to THIS? Seriously? News reports are coming from the border stating that some of the members of the flood of inva- I mean immigrants at our Southern border are UNFAMILIAR with RESTROOM FACILITIES!!! WTH?

Well, since I … Read More

My husband; my hero

August 1, 2014 |

My husband has rescued me; more than once. You see, I was running myself into the ground quite literally when I met him. In 2006, I had completed three marathons, and weighed but 106 pounds at 5’4″.

A pastor once … Read More

Find the Common

July 31, 2014 |

We all havesomething in common; sometimes the mask we put up to the outside world needs to be put down for just a moment, so we can find it. Somehow sitting in a colorful ball pit expedites that process immensely! … Read More

It’s not Obama, it’s US!

July 31, 2014 |

Who’da thunk? It’s not Obama, it’s just us being “haters”! Wow, so glad we got that cleared up! Obama’s just “doing his job.”

“Stop being mad all the time,” he said of Republicans, chuckling. “Stop just hatin’ all the time. … Read More

Honey Badger Don’t Care…..

July 30, 2014 |

From the lips of James Carville: Obama “doesn’t really care” what the American people think of his presidency. Ya’ THINK??? Thank you Captain Obvious! I hope the kids got HER brain.

Wow, it’s at least refreshing to hear some honesty … Read More

Pointing out the ABSURD by BEING ABSURD

July 28, 2014 |

I have absolutely NO PROBLEM letting you know what I know to be right and know to be wrong. Forget all of this grey cr*p! Things are either right or wrong. You cannot serve two masters. It is LIBS who … Read More

That’s it! “2014 Election Key”

July 28, 2014 |

Sometimes you have to hand it to the most unexpected people, aaaand Moochelle Obama said it! “The 2014 Election is key.” From the mouths of well, never mind…

“When it comes to the midterm elections this November, we need you … Read More