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Liberalism…..let me try to explain

July 22, 2014 |

Liberals….it’s hard to even FATHOM how these people think; they DO think. They just don’t think LONG-TERM.

Let me give you an analogy. We have a fairly young dog. She is a wonderful dog. ¬†We are nuts about her, but … Read More

The “New” G.O.P.!

July 21, 2014 |

Once upon a time, there was a Grand Old Party. They were for fiscal responsibility, limited government, ¬†strong defense, and racial equality*. But then, slowly, ever so slowly like the analogy of the frog in the boiling pot, they changed… … Read More

That Pesky Law of Averages

July 21, 2014 |

If Maria has six children and Josefina has 10, what is the AVERAGE number of children the women have? Anyone? Anyone?

Well, since most everybody is a “public-schooler” like myself, what you do is add the two numbers together, then … Read More

Faded “Flower Children”

July 20, 2014 |

Can you guys think of any “cutting edge” young liberals out there? I’m just sayin’. I mean, the Castro twins are some pretty good looking Socialist guys, but geez, just that surname has to a liability. Well, maybe not these … Read More

Cool Your Jets

July 18, 2014 |

I was on the internet today, surfing relevant news sites hoping that maybe, just maybe, someone besides me has made that horrifying connection. What connection? That of the outrageous RISK associated with our diaphanous-fabric-of-a-border, AAAANNNNDDD the surface to air missiles … Read More

Rose-Colored Eyes

July 18, 2014 |

Rose-colored glasses can be removed, not so with rose colored eyes. Unless of course, the eyes belong to an “infidel”, and the “eye doctor” is a member of the “Religion of Peace”

“Delusional” might be another way of saying that … Read More

EVERYONE had a “Dynasty” life!

July 17, 2014 |

I can scarcely think of a more stark contrast than the economy of the 80′s, with that of today. Geez, compared to now, EVERYONE was living the flippin’ Dynasty* life!

We had money to burn, blowing it on cassette tapes, … Read More