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Category: Videos

The Democrat’s Racism Rears its Ugly Head: Kat Jorgensen

October 31, 2014 |

It’s never easy to be on a losing team. Sometimes, the feeling of the world being against you brings out the worst in people. It is particularly true in politics.

Campaigns tend to dig into the nastier side of human … Read More

Whatever happened to good clean fun?

October 31, 2014 |

Happy Halloween! I can’t help but think of the opportunity for both good and bad on this holiday. I know there are those who are true followers of Satan that revel in the day; I also know that in a … Read More

UA Success Story: Phil Robertson

October 30, 2014 |

Woulda’ thunk Phil Robertson taught school, or held a Master’s degree? Phil Robertson attended Louisiana Tech on a football scholarship, with All-State rankings in track and baseball as well.

You sure can’t judge a book by it’s Z.Z.Top-bearded cover! Phil … Read More

Unhyphenated American: Edward Cage-Uncaged

October 30, 2014 |

“Once I was able to read past a third grade level with comprehension I never voted Democratic again, I ran with my wife and kids off the plantation to freedom.”

Wow! Such honesty and candor in an age of deceit. … Read More

UA Amazing Community Effort!

October 29, 2014 |

Time is of the essence, especially when a young bride-to-be is on hospice care.

Jahaysia Sheffield was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the tender age of 18. Not too long afterwards, a life-long friend of Jahaysia’s proposed to her, and the … Read More

UA Amazing American: Harris Rosen

October 29, 2014 | 2

Wouldn’t it be great to have a rich uncle? Even better to have a wise, rich uncle who doesn’t throw his money indulging you on things that won’t last, like cars and clothes, but instead your education.

Harris Rosen has … Read More

What does “Unhyphenated Voting” look like?

October 29, 2014 |

Obviously, on this site, we aim to focus and share what we Americans have in common, as opposed to what divides us. What are some characteristics we should look for to find a candidate who will truly represent all Americans? … Read More