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Category: UA Blog

A “Gude” Professor

August 29, 2014 |

I have been blessed to teach College Preparatory Math as an adjunct. I really loved it. There are other professors out there that love it, not so much

I believe there are three different reasons why people go into the … Read More

Fruition of Insanity

August 29, 2014 |

Meh. When a country acquires thousands of new “citizens” who lack proper identification; why not put them in public school?  What could possibly go wrong?

The mayor of Lynn, Mass. says that some of the illegal aliens from Guatemala who … Read More

Burger King has it THEIR way……Canada

August 28, 2014 |

OK y’all put on your “thinking caps”! Time for a mini-Economics 101 lesson! SUBSIDIZE what one wants MORE of and TAX what one wants LESS of. Pretty simple huh? Not to our government.

My husband and I have been boycotting … Read More

We BECOME what we make FUN of…..

August 27, 2014 |

Growing up in the home of a nurse with fluid retention has its challenges, like finding any actual SALT in your home.

Another challenge is your mom going on these gourmet-club inspired “spice kicks” in an effort to make up … Read More

Liberal Jack*ssery Part 1: by Madeline Deneen

August 26, 2014 |

Before the lib bashing begins, I have to hand it to them, they may be stupid, but at least they know what they are. Jack*sses. They know it and they embrace it. Out of all the amazing creatures to select … Read More

Ferguson, Missouri: Media “Crack House”~ Leticia Wong

August 25, 2014 |

What started out as a local shooting death in an average neighborhood, has morphed into a media “crack-house”.

This is what has become of the township of Ferguson just outside of St. Louis City, Missouri. The immediate rush to label … Read More

One Voice, United

August 24, 2014 |

Geez, I’ve had so many different jobs over the years. A lot of little “odd jobs” when I was in school such as waiting tables, visual merchandising, or “window dressing” (in a “Rhoda” sorta way), or fragrance modeling.

For years, … Read More