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Category: Racism

Closing bad schools is racist?

April 14, 2014 |

Black Liberals do not want to see blacks improve. Like Spike Lee’s rant against gentrification, because it might improve black neighborhoods. The same is happening with black schools.

Black Liberals are determined to make “black” denote “stupid and poor,” as … Read More

Race-baiting Pelosi prefers Irish over Mexicans

April 13, 2014 |

If only the Democrats could conger Pedro O’Hara, an Irish Mexican, then the Republicans would want immigration reform. As for me, I hope O’Hara is a lucky charm wrapped in a four-leaf clover who can make a mean salsa. As … Read More

Trans-racial adoption showcases ignorance of black legislator

April 12, 2014 |

Black Democrats have almost cornered the market on ignorance, followed closely by guilty white Liberals. And this Alabama Democrat takes the cake in discussing an issue near and dear to me: adoption.

“The majority of white people in Alabama are … Read More

Where’s The Apology?

August 7, 2013 |

As this Florida school bus video starts to get more and more attention nationally, people are asking why this brutal ‘black on white’ attack is getting no reaction from the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, Dyson or Obama. Especially in light … Read More

Race Based Discipline?

December 22, 2012 |

Read The Daily Caller’s article on Race Based Discipline below. An overview shows that regardless of offense, disciplinary procedures must be equal.

Does this policy cause separation or unite us?


According to the  executive order, the outcome should … Read More

December 7, 1869

December 7, 2012 | 1

Frederick Douglas said the following in his speech delivered 143 years ago today:


“Our Composite Nation.”

Douglass responded to the question of whether the United States is better or worse because of the different races within the country. … Read More

Democrat Rangel to put Biden back in CHAINS

August 25, 2012 |

Despite Obama campaign’s denial, NY Rep. Rangel says Biden’s ‘chains’ gaffe was indeed about slaveryDems to Join Isaac in TampaHollywood Bails on Obama, DNCMixed Reviews for GOP PlatformStates Face Convention Punishment COMPLETE CONVENTION COVERAGE

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