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Category: Politics

Unhyphenated American: Stacy Dash

December 17, 2014 |

I never cease to be amazed at some of the vitriolic hate that gets piled on conservative women. Geez, you ain’t doing NOTHIN’ for conservatism if you haven’t been called a “conservative” with an extra “T” thrown in…

I saw … Read More

Fightin’ Irish

December 16, 2014 |

The Irish ain’t called “Fightin Irish” for no reason. One of my favorite “micks” is James O’Keefe. This guy is not “low T”, let’s say.

James O’Keefe is amazing. He is a reporter that actually DIGS FOR THAT TRUTH THINGIE! … Read More

Going “Dutch”

December 16, 2014 |

My writing partner Christopher and I agree on practically EVERYTHING religiously and politically. There has only been one tee-ninecy thing we have ever disagreed on…”modern art”.

I loooove the East Wing of the National Gallery in D.C. Christopher would prefer … Read More

Red-headed Rant: Does the buck stop with ANYONE?

December 11, 2014 |

Nowadays everyone wants the glory of a leadership position, but none of the responsibility.

Passing the buck is rampant. Let’s take a look-see at some of the more memorable “buck-pass-o-rama” that has gone on in our “most transparent administration” evah.

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Socialism: So good it’s MANDATORY!

December 6, 2014 |

In a world of lies, cover-up, and obfuscation, we need to look maybe not to our leaders, but at our leaders.

When Matthew Drudge, pioneer of the “New Media” broke the story on “horn-dog” Clinton, we were given a look … Read More

A modern day Harriet Tubman?

December 5, 2014 |

It may have taken 50 years, but once a slaves mind has been set free, it is only a matter of time before their body (and their vote) will follow. An angry 82 year old American Black Grandmother called into … Read More

Chris Rock and Conservatism.

December 2, 2014 |

I read an article yesterday where comedian, and Saturday Night Live alumni, Chris Rock, lamented how “Conservative” many colleges have become nowadays. He said that their “Conservatism” was “Not in their political views — not like they’re voting Republican — … Read More