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Category: Law Enforcement

Going all “police state” on GERIATRICS?

February 27, 2015 |

Texans love them some independence, so what happened recently has them pretty P.O.’d. Imagine having your cell phone seized, and being fingerprinted and photographed…for attending a meeting.

What was the nefarious nature of the meeting? Was it those with ties … Read More

Righteous protest? More like petulance.

January 15, 2015 | 2

I saw an article from the Boston Globe today about “Protesters” who had shut down traffic in Boston during the morning rush hour. Apparently these “Protesters” had chained their arms together inside of 55-gallon barrels filled with concrete that weighed … Read More

Officer Down

January 13, 2015 |

You know you have succeeded in raising a kind, and caring kid to know they stop at the scene of an accident to help. You would see your kid do this first-hand if you happened to be the one in … Read More

Safety Net

January 9, 2015 |

We do our best here to counter the divisive narrative put out by national “homewreckers” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Consider us their “kryptonite”.

Most Americans probably still remember the horror of 9/11 when people chose to jump from the … Read More

Sending the very best!

January 5, 2015 |

I’m such a “tight-wad”, the prices on greeting cards kill me, so you are more likely to receive a homemade card from me! I’ll spare you any glued-on macaroni though.

If you think about things logically, instead of like a … Read More

Do fewer Police = more Liberty?

December 30, 2014 |

Let me make something perfectly clear. I am not by any stretch of the imagination “Pro-Police”. Meaning, I am not a homer for the cops. As someone who loves Liberty, and wants Limited Government, the idea of large police forces … Read More

Protect, serve, and give.

December 20, 2014 |

I was grateful I got off with just a “warning” the last time I got “pulled over”. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and I got to listening to the radio, and going a little to fast down a hill. … Read More

Meeting Needs

December 11, 2014 |

It’s harder than ever to make ends meet now. Throw in the “lack of a vehicle”, pregnancy, and a toddler, and you have a pretty rough situation.

As if that scenario wasn’t bad enough, the young lady in it was … Read More

The Un-becoming of America

December 9, 2014 |

“Transparency and the rule of Law will be the touchstones of this Administration.” ~Barrack Hussein Obama

Whether you want to admit it or not, we are approaching anarchy. Why? A society without laws is “lawless”. Having laws but not enforcing … Read More

A New “Drug”

November 29, 2014 |

Teachers have a “drug”. It’s that “aha” moment when a kid “gets” or understands something. We love it! Now that I’m not teaching, I have a “new drug”…it’s coming across stories like this!

It’s a sick, twisted world we live … Read More

Swimming against the tide of hate.

October 25, 2014 |

Between struggling with internet issues this morning, and looking for a story, I just wasn’t “feelin’ it” with any of them. Then I found this one, and had to share.

Recently, in the hot-bed of Ferguson, “Sister Dragonfly” approached a … Read More