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Category: American Exceptionalism

How much is an Apple worth?

February 13, 2015 |

The great economist, “THAT DUDE, THE TEACHER”, Milton Friedman once said, “So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear. That there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can … Read More

A little bit of America in Poland

January 30, 2015 |

All gave some and some gave all. One gave his life, which resulted in a new life; a namesake in Poland.

Sergeant Michael Ollis shielded several soldiers from a suicide bomber in Afghanistan as the Taliban burst into their compound. … Read More

Looking for Some Thanks…

December 18, 2014 |

It’s not what you think. THIS “looking for thanks” is a family looking to thank a kind soldier for feeding a hungry family member.

Roxie Edwards lives in a motel near a Hardee’s off of Route 460, in Petersburg, Virginia. … Read More

It IS my business!

December 13, 2014 |

Historically, the United States has been largely built by small businesses and entrepreneurs..yeah they DID build that Obama.

Well this little cutie hasn’t gotten jaded or discouraged by regulations, taxation and red-tape…yet. Youth, aw, innocent youth…

Asia Newson is a … Read More

Every Job Matters

December 13, 2014 |

Not all jobs carry the same glory in the eyes of men. It is only how we perform our job that matters.

A little boy wrote a kind note to his trash-truck driver; apparently the little boy waves to him … Read More


December 8, 2014 |

It’s really funny the things we find out we have in common with others; people from totally different cultures, and locales…but they are there.

The other writer Christopher Harris, and I live in different ends of the country. He is … Read More

“Give it up” for a child?

December 8, 2014 | 4

An adult might ask you to do something you might never do; but you might do it for a kid. Pride might get in the way after all, you would hate to look silly…

The New York Subway system is … Read More

End Racial Division in America

December 1, 2014 |

A new Facebook Page started just yesterday, and I wanted to throw my support behind it. We’re “fixin’” to lose our nation if we don’t get it together peeps.

The new page is: End Racial Division in America

The … Read More

A New “Drug”

November 29, 2014 |

Teachers have a “drug”. It’s that “aha” moment when a kid “gets” or understands something. We love it! Now that I’m not teaching, I have a “new drug”…it’s coming across stories like this!

It’s a sick, twisted world we live … Read More

That pesky TRUTH thingie…..

November 28, 2014 |

Why those racist, meanypants, hater, “Tea Partiers” are back at it! How dare they go HELP in Ferguson! How DARE they destroy the liberal narrative! As we know, libs aren’t too bright and they’ll have to come up with a … Read More

A KOSHER, not halal Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2014 |

Man, oh man I’m always looking for an excuse to tout cutie Ben Shapiro! I love Thanksgiving; it is actually my favorite holiday.  Let’s see what truth-teller Ben has to say.

Before you watch the short (A.D.D. safe video) bear … Read More