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‘Hillary Guy’ from campaign ad is also Portland’s ‘Syphilis Guy’

Victor Medina

Like manna from political heaven, the Hillary Clinton campaign continues to give us stories that make us laugh.

In recent weeks, the Clinton campaign has been trying to lock up the male vote against Donald Trump, as it clearly lost the female vote to Bernie Sanders (yeah, we’re scratching our heads on that one too).

As part of that initiative, the Clinton campaign released an ad encouraging men to vote for Hillary and promoting the hashtag #ManEnough4Hillary, all while featuring a guy with one of those lumberjack beards that millennials think makes you look tough.

Unfortunately for Hills, someone noticed the guy used for the ad had recently taken another modeling job for the city of Portland, and posted the comparison online:


That’s right – the guy who is “man enough to vote for Hillary” is also the face of syphilis in Portland. There’s an obvious Bill Clinton joke here, but we’ll let you write it yourself.

 Here’s an even better look at the “Syphilis Guy” ad:


This isn’t the first time the Clinton campaign has had a social media campaign backfire. Clinton was recently roasted after her campaign tried to start a #AbuelaClinton social media campaign aimed at Hispanics, which claimed Hillary was as loving and caring as the average Latino grandmother (known as an “Abuela”).

Gird your loins, Democrats: cozying up to a Clinton could result in a raging case of syphilis. But you likely knew that already.









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