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Was Obama’s Immigration Plan An Overreach of Authority?

Christopher Harris

Illegal-ImmigrationThis week the Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments against President Obama’s immigration policy, “Deferred Actions For Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA. The policy was created to temporarily halt the deportation of over 5 million illegal aliens and provide them with work permits. Most of these illegal aliens are parents of “anchor babies”, children born in America to parents here illegally. The President signed the Executive Order in 2014 but the implementation of his policy was put on hold after 26 states, led by Texas, filed suits arguing that the President doesn’t have the legal authority to implement his immigration plan. This issue is sure to be a hot topic this week continuing through the rest of the election season. Massive protests began on Monday by those in favor of the policy and by those who oppose it. Both Republican presidential candidates, Cruz and Trump, have called for the deportation of illegal aliens while Democratic candidates, Clinton and Sanders, are in favor of the President’s DAPA policy.

The Supreme court is evenly divided, four liberal justices and four conservative, due to the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia in February of this year. The American people are just as divided on this issue as the presidential candidates. Anyone on the side of deporting illegal aliens has been labeled as “incompassionate”  and of course, those in favor of the president’s policy, are seen as “compassionate”. However, the issue isn’t about who is or isn’t showing compassion. The issue is this, does President Obama have the legal authority to bypass Congress creating laws with the stroke of his pen? According to the Constitution, President Obama is overreaching his authority. The President only has the authority to enforce the law. The American people are a welcoming nation so long as you come here legally. We have immigration laws in this country that must be enforced, Mr. President. America is a Constitutional Republic not a Monarchy

“the most destructive legacy of the Obama presidency — is the mainstreaming of the idea that if Congress “fails to act” it’s okay for the president to figure out a way to make law himself. Hillary’s already applauded Obama’s actions because, as she put it, “Congress won’t act; we have to do something.” This idea is repeated perpetually by the Left, in effect arguing that we live in direct democracy run by the president (until a Republican is in office, of course). On immigration, on global warming, on Iran, on whatever crusade liberals are on, the president has a moral obligation to act if Congress doesn’t do what he wants”

-David Harsanyi of







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