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American Privilege Transcends Color

Christopher Harris

white-privilege-quiz-wtsp-600It’s no secret that public schools have increasingly become breeding grounds for the harassment of Christian students, anti-American rhetoric, and Leftist propaganda. Lessons on “white privilege” are the latest boondoggle.  Schools are shelling out millions of tax dollars to brainwash children into believing that their skin color places them at either an unfair advantage or at a disadvantage. This is nothing more than an effort to cultivate white guilt, bring about further racial division in America, and encourage a destructive victim mentality among a new generation of “African-Americans”. Not to mention, this type of propaganda ignores the privileges we all have as Americans. Privileges, that are no respecter of skin color. Our privileges as Americans transcends color lines.

Just recently, I read about a Spanish teacher from a middle school in Tampa, Florida having kids take a privilege quiz. The quiz was suppose to promote “diversity” but what it actually does is promote racism. There are 7.3 billion people in the world; 323 million in the United States alone. Which means, there are 7 billion people outside of America. Yet, according to Pew Research, American is the top destination in the world for those migrating from one country to another.  How is it that we have so many immigrants that understand the exceptionalism of America, yet so many who are blessed to live within America don’t?


According to Global Issues, over 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. Less than $2.50 a day! If you were to look at a comparison of the income levels in America with the rest of the global population, you would see that 88% of Americans qualify as upper-middle income or high income on a global scale. Yes, there are income differences in America. Equal opportunity doesn’t mean equal results, just as different levels of income doesn’t mean discrimination is the cause. Economist ,Thomas Sowell, describes the fallacy of equating income differences with “privilege” or lack thereof by stating,

“In the language of the politically correct, achievement is equated with privilege. Such verbal sleight of hand evades the question whether individuals’ own priorities and efforts affect outcomes, whether in education or in other endeavors. No need to look at empirical evidence when a clever phrase can take that whole question off the table”…”those with that vision [“white privilege”] do not want to even discuss evidence that students from different groups spend different amounts of time on homework and different amounts of time on social activities. To admit that inputs affect outputs, whether in education, in the economy or in other areas, would be to undermine the vision and agenda of the left, and deprive those who believe in that vision of a moral melodrama, starring themselves as defenders of the oppressed and crusaders against the forces of evil”.

In America, it’s all about your attitude, priorities, and behavior. Believing you are at a disadvantage because of your skin color is just leftist nonsense. Please, check your American Privilege!!

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