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Is Islam the problem?

Greg Durden

Is Islam the problem?
By Gregory Durden, Unhyphenated America Columnist.

The terrorist attacks in Paris have once again brought to the forefront of our minds the reality that at any given moment our safety, and yes, our very lives can be taken away by violence. For the last few days I have listened to various talk radio hosts discussing the question “Is Islam the problem”? Invariably, opinions fall on both sides of the aisle, and ALWAYS with the host taking the politically correct stance that – “No, Islam is not the problem”. Perhaps this is their true belief, but in today’s society could they afford to express any other belief and expect to keep their job? I doubt it.

However, that is not the focus here. The strongest case against the question, as argued by the host, is that those committing these atrocities are only a “very small portion” of the world’s Muslim population, and therefore not representative of Islam as a whole, and that the majority of Muslims are peace loving people who don’t practice violence in the name of their religion. I’m going to suggest that a more in depth analysis of this view is in order if we are to get an accurate answer to the question.

The hosts invoked Christianity and the bible as examples of the fact that violence is not a uniquely Islamic teaching. While I won’t argue the point, I thank them for providing the platform for proving the error of their stated view. If you ask the majority of U.S. citizens what their religion is, most will say Christian. They’ll say they believe in God, go to church, and give money to support the church – none of which makes one a Christian. Many of those same people openly support gay marriage, are living together – unmarried, and routinely engage in a number of other activities which go against the teaching of the bible. In short, the Bible (not I) says they are NOT Christians. (Matt. 7:21-23, Titus 1:16, 2Tim 3:5).
Likewise, many of the world’s population claim Islam as their religion. Some claim it not because they have an allegiance to it, but rather because it’s their culture. It’s a way of life. Others claim it because their life depends on doing so. They call themselves “peaceful” Muslims, yet the very word Islam means “submission” (not peace), and the Qur’an teaches that “if anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted” (Sura 3:85). This is why they behead those who refuse to convert. Allah’s followers are instructed to “fight them (unbelievers) on until there is no more tumult and oppression and there prevails faith in Allah altogether and everywhere” (Sura 8:38-39). In short, they are NOT Muslims according to the requirements of the Qur’an…but in name only. Just as true Christians are those who are saved by believing in Jesus Christ and accepting the substitutionary death on the cross, the true Islamist are those who follow the teaching of the prophet Muhammed as expressed in the Qur’an and Hadith. And since those followers are the perpetrators of the terrorist acts that plague us, it is accurate to say that – Yes, Islam is the problem.

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