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Why TRUTH Matters

Leslie Brown

Call me a nerd, but I looove the metric system. It provides a “benchmark”, or a standard, by which things are measured….so does the Bible.

You see, long before the metric system was created the “foot” was based on the length of a king’s foot. Problem. When that king “croaked off”, do you think the next king was going to have the exact same size foot? Umm, no.

As much as it pains me to say this, because I am no fan of the “Frogs” (as my dad calls them) a Frenchman came up with the metric system, and another one, the Cartesian coordinate system.

Sooo, basing the system on something that won’t change (except for CLIMATE of course he he) the metric system was based on the distance from the North Pole to the equator. I would say that’s pretty constant. That distance was divided by ten million, which yielded the “meter”. The meter is the basis for units of weight and volume as well. A cube of 10 centimeters is a “liter”. The weight of said cube filled with water is a “kilogram”. Cool stuff eh?

Because the Lord in His infinite wisdom knew we need a “standard of measurement”, He gave us those TEN COMMANDMENT thingies. Our system of government is based on Judeo-Christian law…sorry atheists and libs, it is what it is. We cannot dismantle the standards of measurement without our entire system of government, and hence COUNTRY collapsing. Don’t believe anything I say though; I’m just a country housewife. Check it out for YOURSELF!

Yep, truth does matter…

def truth wayne

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