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Obama: Jamaica me SICK!

Leslie Brown

Seriously? Obama shares his secret for success, from JAMAICA no less. Of course he took some time while there, to go to the Bob Marley museum.

SUCCESS? How ’bout just the S-U-C part? Does he live in some alternate universe? Oh never mind, he IS the Universe!

The liberalism that really “ramped-up” in this country in the 60’s has come “full fruit”, so to speak. Let’s hope like some alcoholic we will soon hit “rock bottom” so we can begin a recovery.

I think most of us are indeed ready to admit we have a problem. Maybe the U.K. or France can be our “sponsor” because the seem to be coming around to the problem as well.

The U.K. has realized that the number of immigrants is going to far surpass projected figures because they must have not take in to account that whole “breeding” thingie.

The much maligned “litmus test” of abortion, IF we had we used it, would have kept the “spawn of Satan” out of our White House; I’m just sayin’.

President Barack Obama is currently relaxing in Jamaica, although for once he isn’t on vacation, but is officially there on business, attending a conference with leaders of the Caribbean nations.

Aside from making the Bob Marley Museum the first stop on his agenda, no doubt reminiscing about his pot-smoking days, and mistakenly referring to the Jamaican Prime Minister as “Madame President,” and attempting to appease Cuba, Obama hasn’t done much while there.

Except for tell jokes that is, as Obama weakly attempted to speak with a Jamaican accent to a group of students, as well as sending out ridiculously absurd tweets.

The official White House Twitter account tweeted out: “If there’s one thing I know from my own life, it’s that with hard work and hope, change is always within our reach.”

This is simply laughable, and so far removed from reality that it absolutely has to be a joke.

However, according to WZ, this is no joke at all, and Obama is seemingly quite serious about perpetuating the myth that he knows what “hard work” really is.

This coming from the community organizer that has never held a real job in his life, someone that has “worked” on the public dole, receiving taxpayer money, for his entire career.

This also coming from a man who told us in 2012, “You didn’t build that.”

In truth, the only thing Obama has worked hard on in the past six years is his golf handicap, along with his apparent goal to vacation more than half of the year, and to campaign the other half of the year.

Oh yeah, he has worked pretty hard at the whole “fundamental transformation” of America thing as well, so I guess there is that.

Would it be out of the question for America to simply ask Jamaica if they wouldn’t mind keeping Obama for the next two years? I’m pretty sure we would manage just fine without him.

I posit that we would be far, far, better off.

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