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What does the DATA say about Christ?

Leslie Brown

To say I’m a “black and white” thinker, would be an understatement. My dad is a Ph.D in math, ex-military aaand an electrical engineer. My mother, an anesthesiologist. I didn’t have a chance ha ha!

My bachelor’s is in a life-science, so I’m all about DATA. Double-blind studies are the gold standard, and the more times you can repeat an experiment the better.

When my husband and I moved from dirty Dallas, I had to switch my Master’s to the utterly pathetic “Curriculum and Instruction” program.

I was so bored I thought my brain would atrophy. I literally begged my adviser to let me take two graduate math classes online. My dad would have laughed hysterically at their “rigor”.

My point, is I want the “facts JACK”! The first step to knowing the facts is reading the ENTIRE Bible if you want to know about Christ. Don’t proclaim to “love the Word of G-d” when you have not bothered to see what the Word says. Read it every morning and every evening. Getting rid of television is a good means towards this end too, but that’s another story.

What is the evidence for Christ? My BFF loaned me the C.D. “The Bethlehem Star”. It is about a man who took advantage of the modern software available that can “go back in time” accurately, without question, because of the unchanging cyclical nature of our Universe that the Great Creator put in place.

The world is getting downright scary, and you need to make sure that your Christianity is not some “social club” that does not adhere to the Ten Commandments; they are not “suggestions”.

Incidentally “Astrology” and “Astronomy” are two ENTIRELY different things. Search the Word, your heart and the data.

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