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Sick of #RFRA trending

Leslie Brown

Seriously, can we not give it a REST! America is acting like the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” is some outrage!

Maybe if our electorate wasn’t border-line retarded, they would know that Bill Clinton passed this Act in 1993. Where was the outrage then?

Where was the outrage when 19 OTHER states passed it? The best I can figure is that those who are AGAINST the Act had some “up-to-their-small-intestines-HELICOPTER mom” that FORCED the neighborhood kids to play with them.

Isn’t this America? Can’t we “play with” whoever the h*ll we want? The huge irony is that Leftists often call Conservatives “Nazis”. That’s rich, because we are for LEAVING PEOPLE THE H*LL ALONE!!!

We don’t want people to HAVE to play with people they don’t want to! THAT would be the Muslims who “play” with children, adults, and animals all the time that don’t want to.

Washington Post

Forty percent of U.S. states have something similar to Indiana, as does the federal government.

A federal RFRA signed by President Clinton in 1993 shares language with Indiana and other states’ bills, prohibiting the government from “substantially burdening” individuals’ exercise of religion unless it is for a “compelling government interest” and is doing so in the least restrictive means.

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