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Grab some popcorn for this…WEDDING?

Leslie Brown

Couple Mario and Elaine met on the set of a zombie movie. Elaine was the director,  and Mario stumbled on to the scene of the set,  becoming an “extra”.

As their relationship blossomed, sadly cancer grew in Elaine’s body in the form of lymphoma. Medical bills and a suppressed immune system dogged their relationship when Mario was eager to make Elaine his pride.

A team  from “Break” heard their story, and “pranked” them in an epic and personal way. Under the guise of a movie-date, Mario had arranged with the theater to run a personalized movie trailer which gave a quick re-cap of their romance. Then he dropped to one knee an proposed to the stunned Elaine.

At acceptance of the proposal, Elaine’s sisters had already chosen a wedding gown for their sister, her favorite color for the wedding and everything else, including tuxedos and flowers.  Guests and an officiator for the wedding werre there and waiting for the ceremony which of course, took place on the stage of the movie theater.


Mario and Elaine fell in love on the set of a Zombie movie. The couple got engaged and planned to get married until tragedy struck forcing the them to put their lives on hold.

Elaine was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30. Mario quit his job to take care of her and now they’re drowning in medical bills.

When the team at Break heard about their story, they decided to change their fortune.




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