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Feminism: just rebellion dressed in a “v-word” costume

Leslie Brown

Since my parents were clean-cut responsible kids, I was spared the indoctrination of feminism, so feminists have always perplexed me. Somehow, I really p*ss them off too.

I actually had two Facebook “friends” “unfriend” me for the following apostasy, “It’s sad to be in the minority to believe that the husband is the head of the home, and women shouldn’t kill their own babies.”

I like men; REAL MEN….actually just one now. He’s a Marine and former-firefighter…eat your hearts out ladies.

Even as a kid, my Barbie chose G.I. Joe over sissy-golf-pants-wearing “Ken”. “Borrowing” a G.I. Joe from a neighborhood boy always “spiced” things up so I could get a messy “love triangle” going on.

For some reason, when the little boys would come to retrieve “Joe”, they would act like he was somehow “defiled”, picking him up with but the tips of their booger-encrusted fingers like he was now a pair of soiled underpants.

Feminists are just flat-out NUTZ!    They have even tried to ban the word “bossy”. Why? Because it too closely hits the nail on the head.

The latest in feminist insanity, is an attempt to ban “clapping”. I can’t make this cr*p up. It seems that clapping can be “traumatizing”. Suggested replacement…. “jazz hands”…think “Ta dah”!

Feminists will basically stop at nothing to find something to b*tch about. If something is red, they will argue that it is indeed blue, and if you think otherwise, you are obviously a patriarchal, sexist pig.

The older I get, the more grateful I am for my parents, and I thank the Lord that I am not a nasty feminist.

I’m very glad that the feminists of the Oxford Women’s Campaign have finally brought to light the scourge to society that is clapping loudly. We courageous sufferers of “sensitivity to hands whacking against each other syndrome,” or STHWAEOS, can come out of the darkness, into the light, and fear no clapping:

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