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The “Boomerang Effect”

Leslie Brown

There’s “Pay it Forward”, or its crude negative counterpart, “Karma’s a b*tch”. People always get their just desserts because we worship a G-d of justice.

A young lady and “Army brat” who lives with her family on an Army base was accustomed to the tradition of her Captain father inviting those without families to share holiday meals with his family; even buying them gifts.

When student loans proved too much, compounded with living expenses when she went abroad to for a job; kindness came back around.


….We bought the two officers a present each and handed them to them as they were leaving later on in the day. One of them, let’s call him Peter, said that this present was the first he had received and was reduced to tears.

Fast forward three months, and I have just been offered a 14-month job in London. I’m only 19, and already in 30K student debt, so 19000 a year won’t help much. My dad started talking about my job to Peter, who proceeded to instantly call his parents (who live in London), who proceeded to say that I could stay with them for the duration of my placement.

I will have to pay food and rent, but this is nothing compared to the £700/month it would have cost to officially rent out a room elsewhere.

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