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Starbucks…not “kosher” with Jews!

Leslie Brown

Now in addition to the crack psychoanalysis offered with your coffee…”So Paco, how is your hispanic-ness working for you today?…Foam or no foam?” It turns out Starbucks is ANTI-SEMITIC!

Soo, Starbucks has stores in SIX HUNDRED LOCATIONS in Muslim countries where men can beat their wives, molest children, chop off hands, feet, heads, whatever…and take goats and sheep out to “dinner and a movie”. Of course, forgetting both the dinner and movie.

Hmm, I’ve heard nary a peep from either feminists or PETA folks…

Starbucks refuses to do business with those “filthy” Jews who respect both life and truth, and live by a moral code. Skanks.

With so much unrest in the Middle East, it’s nearly impossible for an international company to take sides. Americans have found themselves divided once again, pitted against one another regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict.

One company in particular was caught bragging about their vast partnerships with many Muslim countries in the Middle East, around 600 to be exact.

Facing almost as much publicity as Chick-fil-A, Starbucks is giving customers yet another reason to dump them.

The coffee chain closed every store in Israel over 11 years ago and has recently issued a statement that they do not support Israel in any way and will not in the future.

The company is making it clear that neither Starbucks nor CEO Howard Schultz “provides financial support to Israel,” or her military, in the wake of what the coffee giant called “false rumors.”

(Translation: Why, don’t associate US with those filthy Jews!)

Washington Weekly News

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  1. Jerry Smith

    I too despise the politics and social engineering arrogance of Howard Schultz. I find myself avoiding Starbucks a lot these days. Also, I too was appalled when I read of Starbucks no longer doing business in Israel, which gave me just one more reason to avoid them.

    Recently, however, I read an analysis of why the company left Israel, and though it may be a fig-leaf covering the truth, I found it intriguing nonetheless. The article stated that Starbucks could not make any money in the country because there are so many quality alternatives that people were not interested them.

    Having spent time in Israel, and having thoroughly enjoyed their culture of sidewalk cafes and restaurants, I can believe that this is a plausible explanation (whether true or not). Starbucks’ offer of a casual, easygoing environment in which to relax alone or with friends, seems to be part and parcel of the Israeli culture, thus, Starbucks offers nothing unique to Israelis. (Plus, better coffee can be purchased just about anywhere in The Land.)

    Jerry Smith

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