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Jumping for the joy of life

Leslie Brown

My daddy was a “jumper”…airborne in the military. It’s rough on the body. Several years ago a surgeon looked at my daddy’s back x-ray and asked, “Were you a jumper”? It ain’t easy. so knowing what I know, makes this all the more amazing!

100 year old Georgina Harwood doesn’t sit home and rot her brain on soap-operas, she lives life to the fullest enjoying every day that the Lord gives her.

For her 100th birthday, she went sky-diving; later she went swimming with the sharks. This woman knows how to live.

Yesterday is gone, and we are not promised tomorrow, so live it up, and live it with integrity so that you have no regrets.

Georgina Harwood may be 100, but she doesn’t act a day over 92. Then again, her 92 could just as easily pass for someone else’s 30.

That’s because Harwood was 92 when she went skydiving the first time. Last Friday, to celebrate her 100th birthday, the great-grandmother went skydiving for a third time — and she plans to continue the party on Monday by going scuba diving with sharks.

After her tandem jump, the South African described the experience to the Associated Press as “wonderful” and “exhilarating.”

CBS reports 15 of Harwood’s family members and friends joined her on the jump.

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