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Leslie Brown

Where did we go wrong with Obama? In case you’ve somehow missed it, he’s leading our country to h*ll in a hand basket. He’s far, from the only one.

Look at his “fruits” or actions. We have an administration full of lying, “cover-up”, or lack of transparency, graft, and division; AMIRITE? Are these the traits of a godly Administration? Of course not!

Sadly, I have a family member that was sexually assaulted at a CHURCH; a man grabbed one of her breasts. Is this behavior consistent with Judeo-Christian law? Of course not. Islam…”meh”.

The moral, but naive woman had the gall to believe that a “moral institution” would do “the right thing”. She was devastatingly wrong in this case. It was a “he said/she said” scenario with only words and no other witnesses.

It was all about “CYA” and the organization protecting it’s own. Sad. We have proof GALORE for the Administration. I mean, for starters, why would someone intentionally set up a private email account UNLESS they were intentionally trying to hide something? Duh.

To not attend church over a bad one is equivalent to ceasing to attend school over a one bad one, or a bad teacher; it will only leave you illiterate.

The United States Treasury Department has a division dedicated to the tracking down of counterfeiters. Do you think they study counterfeit money? Heck no, they study the REAL DEAL! They know the “real deal” forwards and backwards, so that they will know “bogus” when they see it immediately.

It’s the converse with millions of Christians today. There ears are just “tickled” by a latte-lapping hipster, rather than reading, learning, and hearing the concrete truth of the Word.

Maybe read the Bible cover to cover. How can you proclaim to love G-d’s Word WHEN YOU HAVEN’T BOTHERED TO READ IT? Christopher Harris wrote something on Facebook this week that frankly “blew me away”:

Too many of y’all have been Indoctrinated into believing in the hippy version of the Messiah. Y’all wanna believe in the “Jesus Christ Superstar” version, where he just strolls around wearing a robe and sandals, saying, “Peace Dude” all day every day.
Y’all wanna believe that anyone who attempts to explain that there are absolutes in the Universe, is not being “loving” like your false Hippy Jesus would be. Y’all wanna believe that there will not be eternal consequences for your actions…because you have been mislead about WHO Christ really was/is.
But I can’t get too mad, because your Public Schools are little more than Leftist Indoctrination centers, your Church buildings are little more than concert halls, and your Preachers do nothing but tickle your ears and try to be Politically Correct. Christopher Harris

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