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Shoveling for a PENNY?

Leslie Brown

Man this “global warming” has sure given me lots of “snow shoveling” stories… This one is really awesome. It’s about a tribute to a very missed wife, a penny and a daisy.

Bud Caldwell’s wife died two years ago, and everyday he goes to visit the bench that was dedicated to her in the park, in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin. He brings two items: a penny and a daisy. These are tokens from their two favorite songs, “Pennies from Heaven” and “A Daisy a Day”.

The trek to the bench becomes nearly impossible for an 82 years old man when the route is packed with several inches or feet of snow, but that’s where strangers have stepped in.

When heavy snow last month left him unable to reach the bench, workers Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz, who had noticed his ritual, saw him sitting in his car and decided to keep the path clear for him all winter so he could continue to talk to his beloved wife every day.

Ebert said: ‘We both commented that we just can’t have this. We’ve got to make sure he can get to his bench and talk to his wife.’

‘We did it only because of his love for his wife. He truly misses her. We didn’t do it for any kind of recognition.”

He then ends his daily trip by telling his wife: ‘See you later munchkin’ and kisses the picture of Betty as he walks away.

The workers say the path Caldwell takes isn’t usually cleared in the winter, but it will now be shoveled every time it snows.

Thank you kind gentlemen.

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