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It was there in black and white.

Leslie Brown

So much is made these days about “black and white” as far as skin color; about truth….not so much.

We’re on the fast track to World War III, and all of this could have been prevented. The truth was there in black in white all along, we just chose not to see it. We chose not to see it, because the time “seemed right” to elect a black man. No matter his character. We couldn’t question his character because that would be “raaaacist”.

Many Obama voters didn’t give a rat’s rear end about the country, it was either about “free stuff” or looking all hip and tolerant for having voted for a black man. So either way, it was about them, not the country. Thanks “Me Generation”.

Why do we have a President with the Social Security number of a dead man? Why do we have a President who was chummy with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers? Why do we have as a President who self-admittedly had as a mentor a Communist, and in his own book said ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’

So, Obama and the Democrats have sided on the SAME SIDE as Hamas and Hezbollah. Super. Valerie Jarrett is Muslim and born in Iran. You will likely find the article her father Vernon wrote in 1979 on the “purchase” as it were, of blacks with Arab money, interesting

jarrett vernon

Why would Muslim oil billionaires finance and develop controlling relationships with black college students? Well, like anyone else, they would do it for self-interest. And what would their self-interest be? We all know the top two answers to that question: 1. a Palestinian state and 2. the advancement of Islam in America. The idea then was to advance blacks who would facilitate these two goals to positions of power in the Federal government, preferably, of course, the Presidency. And why would the Arabs target blacks in particular for this job? Well, for the same reason the early communists chose them as their vanguard for revolution (which literally means “change”) in America. Allow me to quote Trotsky, in 1939: “The American Negroes, for centuries the most oppressed section of American society and the most discriminated against, are potentially the most revolutionary element of the population. They are designated by their historical past to be, under adequate leadership, the very vanguard of the proletarian revolution.” Substitute the word “Islam” for the words “the proletarian revolution,” and you most clearly get the picture, as Islam is a revolutionary movement just like communism is. (Trivia: it is from this very quote that communist Van Jones takes his name. Van is short for vanguard. He was born “Anthony”). In addition, long before 1979, blacks had become the vanguard of the spread of Islam in America, especially in prisons.

~Patrick Dollard


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