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Israel…it’s a “hater” magnet.

Leslie Brown

Folks are just bubbling over with hate at Netanyahu for his visit to Washington. Wow, what a “cad”, to come ask for help from an ALLY when his country is surrounded on every possible side.

Call me crazy, or more likely a masochist, but I watched part of the last Democratic National Convention on my computer.

I can’t make this crap up: Key note speaker of the convention was Bill Clinton who lied to the American people about his illicit adulterous act in the OVAL OFFICE no less. What a guy.

Both G-d and Israel were “booed”, and the “DNC” (now there’s some irony) again, “A.O.K” with the ripping, limb-from-limb of unborn babies.

Why does the Left have such vitriol for Israel? Well, Israel stands for everything they are against, namely G-d and a moral code, annnd they are for life; not running around chopping everyone’s head off.

If you want to see a virtual “minefield” of hateful “F-bombs” thrown at Netanyahu and Israel by “tolerant” liberals go on Twitter. I generally avoid reading any tweets that have a Palestinian flag on them and/or anything “death” related…it’s a good rule of thumb.

Regarding Israel:

I will bless those who bless you,
And I will curse him who curses you;
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

~that’s from the Lord Almighty and it’s unlikely He has changed His mind.
Genesis 12:3

But, there is one thing on which we do agree – Jews and Christian Zionists – it is the sovereignty of the Jewish state of Israel, its values as a democracy, its 63 year history as a friend and trusted ally of the United States and a country that has been a part and parcel of Judaism for 3,500 years.

~Lee Wunsch 10/28/2011 Houston Chronicle

If feminists are in essence telling G-d, “Hey, I know better than you”, those who hate Israel and throw her under the bus are telling God something far, far, darker.


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