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Handicapped but not DISABLED.

Leslie Brown

Most people constrained to a wheel-chair would happily pass up having to shovel snow; this woman takes it on.

Digging herself a path to the mail for her home business, she has taken on the chore for others too. With record snowfalls (due to “global warming” dontchaknow), she has put in 100 hours since the beginning of the year trying to make other’s lives a little easier.

Crystal Evans of Braintree, Massachusetts doesn’t just think of herself, she thinks others and does what she can to help them. She is also trying to bring awareness to the fact that being handicapped doesn’t mean you should not be out in society making a difference.

The 33-year-old mother and home-business owner, who has a neuromuscular disease, explained that moms walking with strollers, the elderly and other citizens require a clear path. “It needs to be accessible to everybody,” Evans told the ABC affiliate, adding that she’s just doing her civic duty.

….According to the newspaper, Evans has been requesting help on Facebook and brings extra shovels for those who show up. The volunteer shovel force now numbers about 50, Braintree Patch reported.

And it all began when Evans had to mail a package for her party favor business at the post office before a snowstorm, but faced a blockade of the white stuff. Then she went to work. “I had a clear path and I thought I could clear a path for everyone, not just for me,” she told Patch.

Evans is digging in for another cause as well. She wants the more static International Symbol of Access changed to an active person in a wheelchair.

“There is so much stigma of what people believe a disabled person is; they don’t expect us to be working,” Evans told WCVB. “They don’t expect us to be out in the community.

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