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Truth can only be hidden….for so long.

Leslie Brown

It didn’t take an “Einstein” to know that Lois Lerner’s email could be retrieved. Sheesh, anyone who has watched an episode of Forensics Files coulda told you that!

Judicial Watch, armed with the Freedom of Information Act found the “missing emails” likely linking the IRS with the targeting of conservative groups in just two weeks.

“There is potential criminal activity” said the Deputy Inspector General Timothy P. Camus.

You may recall a quote from Obama, used in the 2012 campaign, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are those people with something to hide.” The IRS has tried pretty dang hard to hide whatever they are hiding.

This is why REAL transparency is so important in our society, not just in government. Sadly we live in a day where everyone wants to take the credit, but no one wants to take any responsibility.

From The Washington Times: “To date we have found 32,744 unique emails that were backed up from Lois Lerner’s email box. We are in the process of comparing these emails to what the IRS has already produced to Congress to determine if we did in fact recover any new emails,” Mr. Camus said.

Democrats questioned the independence of Inspector General J. Russell George, who is overseeing the investigation, saying he’s injected politics into his work.

Ssshyeah right.


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