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Go with your “flow”.

Leslie Brown

Getting into your “zone” or “flow” is a state in which you become so immersed in what you are doing that you lose track of time, forget to eat, and forget to take “potty breaks”. Well, that’s my definition anyway.

We get in the “flow” when we are doing something we are totally passionate about; the state can even overcome handicaps.

Harrison Craig, the young man in this video, has a stuttering problem, that he is open about. But like an accent, it falls away when he sings.

I applaud this young man’s transparency, and bravery for publicly acknowledging an impediment that would cause weaker souls to “hide”. But he would then rob the world of their talent, and themselves of the sense of accomplishment that only “overcoming” can bring.

18 year-old Harrison Craig has had a stuttering problem his whole life and receives speech therapy once a month. But when he sings, his stutter disappears.

He decided to audition for The Voice Australia, and when you get a reaction like THIS from Seal, you have a very special talent.

Shared from Sunnyskyz

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