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We’re so scr*wed.

Leslie Brown

Yep, our internet is gonna get neutered. It thought it was gonna go for a car-ride. Then it figured things out…but by then it was too late.

How in the h*ll could this happen?? Have we not seen how everything that the government gets involved in, gets MESSED UP? Take the VA for example, or the United State Postal Service, or the DMV, the IRS and now Obamacare.

I can hardly WAIT for the new taxes to start! I’m thinking that those who are somewhat FAMILIAR with the FCC might have a pretty good take on the situation, and here is what they had to say:

Republican FCC Commissioners Mike O’Rielly and Ajit Pai, who voted against the plan, alleged that President Barack Obama unfairly used his influence to push through the regulations, calling the plan a “half-baked, illogical, internally inconsistent and indefensible document.”

Michael Powell, a former Republican FCC chairman who now runs the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, warned that consumers would almost immediately “bear the burden of new taxes and increased costs, and they will likely wait longer for faster and more innovative networks since investment will slow in the face of bureaucratic oversight.”

“Read my lips. More Internet taxes are coming. It’s just a matter of when,” Commissioner Pai said.

Oh things might start off innocuous enough, but trust me, it’s gonna be like the “frog in the boiling pot” analogy, and ever-so-slowly the government will overtake everything about the Internet like an evil Kudzu vine.

Sooo, when we put the government in charge of our mail, they slow it down, when we put the government in charge of our healthcare, they slow it down…ask ANY veteran. Now, use your deductive reasoning skills boys and girls, and tell me what is going to happen to the internet?

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