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Lifting a burden for a grieving mom.

Leslie Brown

Losing a child is said to be the worst pain anyone can go through. Having to go back to work when you’re still grieving just compounds matters.

This mother from Australia lost her 19 year old son in a freak accident, and was still just muddling through in a fog.

Her daughter nominated her for a local radio station contest to be the beneficiary of a kindness. The surprise was actually revealed to the mom as she was driving, and over the radio, with the daughter in the car!

Lifting someone’s load might be a simple “one time” act, or it could be an extended venture. I’m glad this mother will have the gift of time to grieve her son, and that his memory will be reflected in the renovation completed on her home that he had started.

A fresh grief can put those around them in an awkward spot. Don’t feel compelled to say anything; just physically be there.

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