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Democratic governors: going the way of Blockbusters?

Leslie Brown

You might have better luck finding Michael Moore at an NRA rally than finding a Democratic governor these days.

Let’s just hope they’re really not declared an “endangered species” or the EPA will go about designating some choice property for a “protected habitat” for them.

That would really stink because they leave wherever they stay, a shambles, like Illinois for example. If it’s a Democratic mayor AND governor you get Chicago or New York.

Oregon just lost governor John Kitzhaber who had to resign over influence peddling, while his fiancee is being investigated by the F.B.I. Maybe Democrats will just quietly disappear like rotary phones and Blockbusters if we’re lucky.

FromPolitico: Gov. Steve Bullock, a Montana Democrat and current chairman of the DGA, told reporters he believes the party has hit a “low-water mark” in terms of its gubernatorial numbers.

“2014 [was] a non-presidential year, but by the same token good things are happening in the states being run by Democratic governors,” said Bullock, adding that he’s “confident that [in] 2015 and 2016 we’ll have some additional pickups.”

Democrats are convinced that they need to focus relentlessly on the middle class and making investments in infrastructure and education. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, the only Democrat to oust a Republican incumbent last year, said he’s proof the Democratic message can work .

“I’m the only Democratic pickup here, and I think that what people were looking for was something different, an unconventional candidate,” he told reporters at a White House press conference Friday. “Our ideas, our philosophy actually works. … While it might not have shown in the numbers this year, I think that our party and our ideas are going to have a lot of force in the years to come.”

Sshhyeah right.

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